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Selecting the correct part

Many car companies use different parts for what seems like the same model car. The smallest variation in the same model could be using a different part. Any pictures or images of parts is usually for illustration purposes only. Do not rely on photos for identification of parts. If you have any doubt, contact us before ordering.

To save time, please provide the following information:

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), Engine Code, build date (mm/yy) and advise if the car is RWD, FWD, AWD, 4WD, auto or manual, has ABS, IRS or any other pertinent information. We work with genuine parts catalogues and in most cases, can check if the part fits your specific vehicle and avoid mistakes. In that way you will get the right part and do not need to deal with returns - save your time. 95% of returns are because customers do not read this notice and do not confirm part numbers!

We offer a Fitment Guarantee. If we have advised the correct part number based on the VIN and other information you have furnished and the part is not right, we will pay for return freight and full refund.