PROTEX Ultra Disc Brake Rotor - Front

Product Description
Fitment Location Front
Pack Info 1
Note/Cross Reference Number

OD 237 Ht 63.5 Max 22.4 Min 20 Ctr 78 Studs 4

Vehicle Fitment

1977 - 1980 FORD CORTINA TE 4D Sdn RWD Please Note : English Import

Technical Specifications
#GM Part Number
Rotor Diameter 237mm
Hub Height 63.5mm
Centre Hole Dia. 78mm
Original Thickness (Max) 22.4mm
Original Thickness (Min) 20mm
Studs/Bolt Holes 4
Rotor Type
Weight 4.4400Kg
Information About Disc Rotor

Changing brake discs at regular intervals is of extreme importance to be sure one’s car braking system delivers high end performance under challenging weather.

We have many brake disc rotor manufacturers across the globe. Extramile offer you the best brands and rotor models. Brands include Bosch, Delphi, AC Delco, RAE, RDA, Protex and few more to add.

If you are thinking of changing the disc rotor, we must determine which type of rotors the vehicle uses. There are four types Rotors

  • Blank & Smooth - Blank and smooth rotors are what you'll find on most passenger vehicles and feature a smooth, blank metal surface all the way around the rotor
  • Drilled - Drilled rotors feature drilled holes around the metal surface
  • Slotted - Slotted rotors feature long "slots" or lines in the metal surface
  • Drilled & Slotted - Drilled and slotted rotors combine the drilled holes and slots for enhanced performance

Blank & Smooth


As stated above, blank and smooth rotors are what you'll commonly find on most new passenger vehicles. Keep in mind that oe-specific rotors have a basic and premium option, and it all has to do with how they're manufactured. Unless you're a super aggressive driver or you're driving a luxury vehicle, blank rotors are a great choice for your vehicle.

Basic oe-specific rotors are traditionally made from recycled steel and a lot of times don't perform as well as your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) rotors due to thicker internal fins, which in turn impact the cooling abilities of your rotors. If you're going to use premium ceramic brake pads with your new rotors, don't pair them with a basic set of rotors. Basic rotors will also end up reducing the life of your new pads, as they'll wear down quicker due to the increased heat.

Drilled Rotors


As the name suggests, drilled rotors have holes drilled throughout the surface. These holes allow water, dust, and heat to easily dissipate off the surface of the rotor. Drilled rotors are a great choice for drivers that live in wetter climates as they'll help increase stopping power in wet, rainy conditions. If you're looking at drilled rotors for a performance vehicle, you'll want to stay away. Drilled rotors don't work well under high-heat and can fail pretty quickly in a race-type driving scenario.

Slotted Rotors


As mentioned before, slotted rotors feature slots around the exterior surface of the rotor. They're a great choice for heavy-duty trucks and SUVs, especially those that need improved stopping power when towing or hauling. The slots are designed to draw more air in between the pad and rotor surface, which improves cooling and heat dispersion. They're also designed to help remove excess brake debris and pad glaze that can occur at higher temperatures. While they are more efficient in a few ways, they come with the downside of not lasting as long, which also affects the life of your pads.

Drilled & Slotted Rotors


Lastly, drilled and slotted rotors are primarily designed for performance vehicles, like sports cars, that need enhanced cooling and heat dispersion. This type of rotor was designed to improve braking at high speeds during racing or track days.


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1977 - 1980 FORD CORTINA TE 4D Sdn RWD Please Note : English Import

Barcode # 9333188963210
Shipping Weight 4.4400kg

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